‚Snatched Brides‘ Stunned, Overwhelmed In Kazakh Videos

‚Snatched Brides‘ Stunned, Overwhelmed In Kazakh Videos

A correspondent for Kazakhstan’s Khabar news agency, Baurzhan Orda, posted the clip to their Facebook account on June 10 and solicited views on its articles.

It shows a small grouping of individuals forcing a head scarf for an unidentified girl, a assumed sign of betrothal, despite her protestations. She is apparently inside her teenagers or possibly very early 20s.

Orda told Russian Dozhd television which he received the movie via mobile messenger WhatsApp and doesn’t understand either the accepted spot or more tips here period of the event.

„Let me personally get! I will not use it! “ she screams as her obvious kidnappers, whom consist of a mature girl and a new man, hold her on to the floor in a sparsely furnished room. At one point, the young woman curses them.

She fundamentally stops fighting for enough time for the older girl to place the relative mind scarf on the mind. She then lies speechless along with her mind in the female’s lap.